May 14 Open House

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 20 residents of Avon joined the Steering Committee for the first open house.

The session helped inform residents about the importance of a Comprehensive Plan and why the Town is updating theirs. Following a presentation attendees were given six sticker dots to place on topics they felt should be prioritized to address as part of the Comprehensive Plan process. The number of dots a topic area received is indicated below.

Priority topics included:

  • Housing
  • Economic and Business Development
  • Infrastructure (transportation, renewable energy, broadband, and utilities)
  • Natural Resources (land use, agriculture, parks, and recreation)
  • Town Services and Government
  • Other Issues

Natural resources received the most dots (43) representing the top priority, followed by infrastructure (26), economic and business development (26), town services (14), housing (12), and other issues (2).