The Following are Important Topics to be Covered in the Plan Update

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  • People

    In 2020 the Town of Avon had 3,540 residents, a 6% decrease from 2010 after years of slow and steady growth. The population trends of the Town are very similar to those of Livingston County and many neighboring communities.

    • The median age is approximately 46. This is an eight-year increase from 2000.
    • 17% of the population are children between 5 and 19.
    • 25% of the population are adults 65 years and older.
  • Community Services

    Residents of the Town of Avon receive a number of municipal services. Some of these services are provided by the Town, while others are provided by the County and shared services agreements.

  • Transportation

    Avon is served by Interstate 390, four state routes, four county routes, and many town roads. Personal vehicles are the primary transportation method for residents, the average household travels over 21,000 miles per year.

    Regional Transit Service (RTS) Livingston operates two bus routes in the Town and Village. These routes connect to locations throughout Livingston County, into Rochester and Wyoming Counties.

    The Town has access to three regional trails, nature and walking trails.

  • Housing

    There are 1,788 housing units in the Town of Avon; an 11% increase in the housing stock from 2010. Housing is primarily single-family, owner-occupied homes. Home values in the Town have seen a steady increase between 2016 to 2019. Between 2019 and 2022 home values increased 18% and the average sales prices increased 33%. Median rent in Avon has also increased over $360 in the last several years.

  • Agriculture

    Agriculture is the highest land use in the Town, 75% (18,220 acres) of all land in the Town is farmland. Field Crops are the largest share of farmland in the Town at 10,498 acres, then vacant farmland at 4,628 acres, and dairy farms at 2,680 acres.

    72% of all agricultural land in the Town is part of the Ag. District.

  • Natural Resources & Recreation

    Avon boasts extensive recreation opportunities and natural resources for residents and visitors. The Town has access to three regional trails and several well-loved parks. The Genesee River, creeks, and ponds also provide natural resources and recreational opportunities for the Town.

  • Business & Economic Development

    In 2022 the Town of Avon received the most residential permit applications in Livingston County. Between 2016 and 2022 Avon received eight commerical building permits for 54,000 sq. ft. of commercial development. The Livingston County Economic Development has supported several Avon small businesses to thrive in Avon.

    Town residents are very well educated, have some of the highest household incomes in the County ($74,375), and experience unemployment at a lower rates than Livingston County.

  • Land Use

    80% of the Town’s acreage remains undeveloped, of which 94% is used for farmland. 78% of the developed land in the Town includes residential uses, primarily single-family detached homes.